Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring time

The lovely spring weather is here and the daffodils are flowering, I have a lot of lovely lambs that are running and skipping down the field.

On the nice afternoons I let the ewes out onto some pasture and it is great to see the lambs running and playing. We have about 10 more left to lamb, they are mostly last years ewe lambs so a have to watch them closely as they are unsure of what is happening to them, so cope really well and other need a little coxing to let there lamb nurse.


We have had a local farmer come and work on the 18 acre field, he has got it ready for sewing the grass seed, but we have had some rain and it is too wet for David to seed it. We have managed to re seed the top pasture and we can see the seeds starting to grow.

We are looking forward to seeing a green field.