Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sorry its been so long

Hi sorry it has taken  just over 9 months to blogg again but life in wisconsin can be very in tense when you have live animals to care for.

/The winter was very hard and one of the goat kids didn't live, even though he fought very hard. 

The lambing was easier but we only lamb the romneys as we wanted to try a fall lambing plan, this is to help us get lamb for meat ready all year round.
I now some of you don't like the idea of cute little lambs going for slaughter and may I take this oppertite to say  I DONT EAT  suckling pig or veal or baby lamb or baby anything, so I am not about to send in baby  lambs for slaughter. All our lambs are at least 9mth old as they have to hit 120  in weight before they are ready to go ( not so cute as the guys in the pics below).

Going back to spring, our lambing was small, some of our romney didnt lamb and our lamb crop was meager. but we did need to do some culling on our last years ewe lamb crop and this will hopefull see us through.

We are doing alot of emprovements to the property especially for the fall lambers and I have some pics of Davids work, later on

I am now going to jump to the present so you can see our fall lambs and goats

This is Bt and her lamb Twiggy and Dakota and her son
This is Twiggy(so called be Dave as she has the longest legs we have ever seen on a lamb) Twiggy if you didn't know was British model in the 80's.

Goat kids
Jollie had triplet two boy and a girl all white like she is, the girl is not named yet!!
Peaches had twins and boy and a girl the girl is the black and white is the girl Amarlier and Kaylib the boy( so call by my great nice) is the little face just over peaches back

Midnight had tripets 3 boys ( they as so cute I wish they where girls)

Daves new shelter for the fall girls and the weathered goats and Mr billy goat grough. He still has away to go but I am sure he will get it done.
As you can see Copper needed to get in the photo

This is the other angle showing some of the sheltered paddock that the ewes and lambs will have and the back of Giz, you had one dog you had to have the other.

I am agoing to try to keep the blogg up. I do some times feel I am writing to thin air so if you read this and enjoy I would apprieciate so comments now and again

thank you for reading the life of Yorkshire Rose Farm