Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Chilly Babies

Happy new year.
Our new year has us trying to keep our baby goats from freezing.
Our first two where born on the coldest day of the year 6th January when the temprature reach -25C with a wind chill that sent it way down to -45C.
Emily decided that it was time to give birth to twin boys. one white one back and white.
The pic is of the white one have a warm, his back legs where frozen so we brought him to the house and layed him on towels with a hot water bottle under him and a hot
bean hag over his legs.
His to nurses(Giz and Copper) watched over him for the 4 hours he was in the house. Giving me the opportunate to do other jobs. As soon as he started moving around the dogs wimpered and I went to see what was going on.
Emily happily received him back lettimg him nurse straight away.
His brother came next.
Black and white and a little smaller than his brother he came in around 7pm. He got the same hot water bottle and heat bag and put in the bathroom as it is the warmest room in the house. I was hoping I had enough milk to see him through the night but at 2am he drank all the milk I had snd carried on crying so Dave got dressed and took him back to mum.
This up set Copper who cryed and howled for his new friend to come back, by 3 am I had him in bed carlming him down so we could all get some sleep.
Next to come was another boy (pic lower down). This was Emilys Mum Peaches, she started in labour while we where feed up on Tuesday morning. So she was moved in with Emily and another heat lamp was added to the pen.
At 9.30 I went to see if Peaches was ok and couldn't find her baby. He had crawled under the milking stand, I pulled him out and put him under the heat lamp, but I could still hear a baby crying and it wasn't coming from the 3 here.
On looking in another pen Baby had given birth to a little girl, she is black as Baby is white.
I was out of heat lamps, but Baby and her Mum Jolie looked like theywhere doing a good job of  cleanig the baby so I went off to buy another heat lamp for the night.
 Wednesday 8th January, its getting warner thank goodness and I have another set of twins born, these two little ones are silver gray, shame they are boys Dave said, such a pretty color.

Peaches and Emily family will have to manage with one heat lamp as these two little fellows need heat, still damp we left them warm under heat. I have just returned from the barn checking to make sure they are ok.
So these guy are about 4 hours old and still on wobble legs.
This is Peaches boy, now just over 24 hrs old.

He is a cute little guy with his skunk marking on his head.

This is Emily and her two, on their feet and nursing happily
They are 3 days old and showing no signs of harm from their frozen legs.
I thought you might like an update on the SAMM's the two lambs where born on the 13th and 14th November as you can see they are getting big and copping well with the extreme cold.
The can get in the barn and we did shut them in all day on Monday when it was so cold, but they have no heat they are well insulated with a warm wool coat.