Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Busy Times

Sorry its been so long, I need to get in to the habit of blogging and with all that is going on here on the farm at the moment it is very hard, there is always another job waiting to be done.

We sheared the sheep in early May so it has been a round of endless shirting(cleaning) the fleeces and then washing and I am still washing and will be washing till the fall I expect, as I hand wash every fleece. This practice may have to stop as it is time consuming and it is not good for my hands been in water for so long.

The 18 acre field that we seeded grass this spring is growing, but very slowly as we are suffering from a lack of rain, we where hoping to get a hay cutting off it and then graze part of it but at the moment the only animals on grass are our weaned lambs. All the ewes are on hay and are sheltering from the heat in the tree line, which is good as they are keeping all the weeds down in the trees.

Finally today I would like to tell you about the wonderful day we had last Sunday 24th June, at the Schultz's farm we were asked if we would attend their farm day that they put on for the international student services They asked us to bring our stall that we set up at the farmers market and some of our sheep, so we took Lambie our Tunis ewe and her two lambs and two weaned Romney Lambs. We had a great time talking to the students and professors from other countries and seeing other displays and and talks that they put on from a bee farmer to a cheese making demonstration, quilting displays and lessons to spinning and fiber prep and finally square dancing. The students had a good time and so did we even our sheep looked like they enjoyed the attention most of the time.