Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October and the new arrivals

Sorry I have not kept you up to date with what is going on here at Yorkshire Rose Farm, over the next few month I hope to show you what we have been too busy to get down in our blog.

The most resent things that have happened is the arrival of our 40 day old chick, I got a phone call at 6:10 am we got a call from the local post office sorting office that our chicks had arrived and needed collecting. We had been emailed from the hatchery the day before to say that our chicks where on their way so we had put our heat lamps on, so that the had a warm home when they arrived.
There is a mixed bunch but all are female, 25 red stars which we got last year and have done very well for us, 5 black Australorps, 5 silver laced wyandotte's 5 White rocks.
Sorry the pic is a little distorted by the red heat lamps, they are all doing well and we have 3 extra, one I think is a red star the other two are a free gift from the hatchery , they are rate Extic chicks. We got two last year and seagull and road runner have made us smile through out the year, seagull has given me small white egg that I have made our own as all the rest of the hens lay brown, she is now in full molt and very happy as she is quite a good looking girl. Road runner I am not sure how many she layed, I would get a smallish brown egg now and again, she seems happy but neither are very friendly and flee when you we get close.

The big girls (sheep) are all well, we have got through the drought and all have them have been in their breeding groups so fingers crossed they are all pregnant, I took a couple of photos and the 29th as it was the first time that all the females have been together since the the spring, The ewe lambs where split off for weening and then they where split into breeding groups.

I think they all look good the lovely frost morning.

I will tell you about other things we have been doing in the come weeks and getting more pic's