Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Last Lamb of the season

Lots of thing going on around here but I think the main thing for both me and David is that I think this little guy is the last lamb of the spring season, I say think as the very last possible date from the Rams being taken away form the girls is actually  May 4th. We have some girls that have not lambed this year. Most of them are the ewe lambs and they will be kept till next breeding season and if they don't lamb they will be culled from the flock. The arrival of this little guy means that we are able to sleep through the night with no 2am trips to the barn.

This is proud mum Frostie and the little guy.

We now have the hens in the field with their mobile hen house, they have settled down to the new location and get on with the sheep well, the first couple of night when we went to check on everyone we found some of the hens had roosted on the backs of some of the sheep. The sheep didn't look bothered by it and the hens would be nice and warm, unfortunately neither of us had our phones with us so we didn't get any pics, we scooped them up and put them back in their hen houses and now they all find there way back at night.

 My last pic is of may SAD Sam , yesterday was annual injection day at the vets and Sam had a wart on his leg and he kept chewing it so I asked the vet to take a look and he sad he could take it of with a local injection so Sam has no wart but stitches and he is not going to chew them.