Monday, February 25, 2013

New Arrivals

 As I opened the barn door on Sunday morning around 3am the sound of little lambs crying made me smile.
Yes the first of the girls (BT) had given birth to twins, a ram and a ewe.
This is proud BT eating hay and watching her twins.

 This is Millie and she gave birth this morning around 4am again twins and again a ram and a ewe.

 Millies ram lamb.
BT's twins

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Learning something new

 Three weeks ago I went on a weaving class with a friend and while it is not exactly something new for me, I certainly need the refresher class.
I already have a floor loom that was not getting used as I was not sure how to warp ( thread) up the loom and when my friend said she would be interested in going on a begining weaving class I decided that it was a great idea to get me going.

While at the class I decided that a small 16" table top loom would be a great idea as I could use it anywhere at home at the farmer market, outside
nice days etc and to experiment with smaller pieces on mew techniques. The class was great we went to the Woolgatherers in Fond du Lac and had a great day with them.

The top pic shows my table top loop, it is now warped with my Romney wool and I am weaving with a mixture of Romney and hand spun Romney and Rambouillet.

Next is my floor loom, yes I have progress to getting this one warped and I am weaving
cotton kitchen towels. Strange you may think

weaving cotton when I have all this wool, but I  sure that I would make some mistakes when I warped the loom for the first time and I can live with mistakes in kitchen towels but not in fabric that I may wear.

This pic is of my first piece of my table top loom, this scarf is warped in hand spun shetland with a weave of mohair ( which is some comercial spun that I had in my knitting stash).

The hardest part in weaving is the time it takes to warp the looms, the weaving go's fast.

This last pic is of another scarf woven from Romney wool that I dyed, bright and cheerful to take away the winter blues.

I am sure I will be taking a few more classes at The Woolgathers as I would like to learn different techniques and what could be better to do on a snowy day, while waiting for the girls start lambing.