Monday, November 11, 2013

Everything New

First I must apologise for being so long between blogs, but hay isn't it wonderful to catch up with what we have been doing.
August (yes it was July when I last blogged and you saw our 5 new arrivals for Dakota and the lose of my Sam (beagle dog). Well August was a busy month getting ready for the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival  in September and I think I spent most of that month getting fleece ready for the show and working at my carder getting roving ready.pic of Custer the Ram lamb we bought hanging out with some of our boys enjoying the summer grass. Picture of Custer hang out with friends
 The Festival was great and thank you to every one that came to our stall, we appreciate your business and we value your comments on all of our products as it gives us a better understanding of what you our customers are looking for, always remember that custom colors are available with the dyed wool, roving or yarn.
 Just before the Festival a friend ask if we would be able to take her cashmere goats as she needed to re home them and it was one of the areas we where looking to go as we wanted goats milk so I could make goats cheese ( unfortunately with the licencing laws it is for our use only). But the fiber is not and we will have cashmere fiber available in the Spring of 2014.

 Jolie on the milking stand that Dave built.
 Some of the other goats the little one is Ben the new Billy/Buck we bought him from an unrelated flock just after we got the 14, the one in the top left is Gruff he is the main Billy /Buck that came with the flock.
 This is Polar a white neutered male and you can see his Cashmere coming up in his coat as he has curls.( goat hair is normally straight and stiff ish
 October the 14th we got our 50 day old chicks this photo is of them at about 6 weeks old they are getting their feathers, they are going thought the ugly ducking stage,
 New yarn I now have enough white Romney Rambouillet crosss sheep to make a batch of yarn and I got it back from Blackberry Ridge Mill late October , its a lovely Sports weight yarn soft and great for anything from scarves to sweaters. Is a small batch and I think it will go fast,


Its taken a while to get over Sam but last Friday 8th November, this little guy came to find his new home at Yorkshire Rose Farm
He is a beagle, his name is Copper and he is about 18 mth old, he is not too sure of the sheep and goats but I am sure he will make good friends with most of the residents of the farm and have lots of adventures with the not so welcome residents

As you can see Giz snd  Copper are all ready friends.